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Useful Links
Please find below a list of useful website addresses and links.

Volunteering England


  • Volunteering England is a volunteer development agency which provides information on research, policy innovation, good practice and grant making in the involvement of volunteers.  In particular it is an excellent resource for volunteer management best practice.

Please note that some of the VE’s online services are by subscription only.




  • Volunteering Good Practice Guide – this was written specifically for Brighton and Hove but most documents are applicable to all NHS Trusts.  It is an excellent resource and a good source of sample documents.


  • This is a National database listing volunteering opportunities. Any volunteer opportunities that you might have can be listed on this site (usually via your local Volunteer Centre).


  • This is a National database listing volunteering opportunities for 16-25 year olds.





  • Social networking tool for volunteers and volunteer managers.





  • Dept of Health Guidance for people working in healthcare sector


  • NHS workforce & employment issues including guidance on how to carry out NHS Employment checks correctly.




  • The NHS Litigation Authority provides information on insurance relating to volunteers and third party voluntary groups who use your Trust’s premises (for example Hospital Radio / League of Friends)







  • Database of research (including volunteer programmes) from across the NHS.






  • Information on ATTEND (Formerly League of Hospital Friends) who are an accredited provider of training for VSMs.


  • Stepping Up Training provides accredited training for managers in the voluntary, community and statutory sectors, with a particular emphasis on volunteer management training.