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Recruitment of Volunteers




The recruitment process for volunteers will vary between Trusts or organisations. It may be that the Voluntary Services Manager (VSM) is responsible for all elements of the recruitment process or that Human Resources (HR) handles certain elements. This section aims to give a general overview of what a 'sample' process might look like without being prescriptive.


There are various key elements to recruitment that must be abided by regardless of whether they are carried out by the volunteer services team or by HR.


Volunteer recruitment must be carried out in line with NHS Employment check standards , with the policies of your Trust, and the wider Department of Health guidance.


The volunteers you recruit should be a reflection of the diversity of the local community that you represent and of your patients.


With many more NHS Trusts moving towards Foundation Trust status it is important to remember that your records may be audited at any time in order to provide proof that suitable procedures are in place and are being followed.  This will then form part of the Trust's quality accounts for the year.


* Equality & diversity monitoring documents should be completed by applicants and once returned should be kept separate to the application form. Volunteer services can be monitored to see if it recruits a broad cross sections of the local community. 


* Ideally, interviews should be conducted by two members of staff.  In a small department this is often not practical or possible, and so a processes should be in place to ensure fairness and consistency.