National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

The National Association of Voluntary Services Managers (NAVSM) exists to support and develop best practice in volunteer management within the NHS and healthcare, to enhance the experience of patients, carers, the public, and staff. 

NAVSM strives to be the organisation of choice for anyone responsible for volunteering in the NHS and healthcare, and for those associated with the provision of volunteering services. It is a membership association, funded from subscriptions from its members. Members have access to information, training and support to enable them to manage, develop and maintain volunteering in a range of different healthcare settings across primary, secondary, acute, mental health, children’s, maternity, specialist and partnership organisations affiliated to the NHS. 
NAVSM core values are:

  • Promote best evidence based practice
  • Be the voice of its members
  • Work with integrity
  • Pro-actively influence
  • Share knowledge, skills and expertise

NAVSM strategic aims are:

  1. Be the recognised Association of choice for Voluntary Services Managers & Coordinators in the NHS and Healthcare
  2. Be innovative in voluntary services management
  3. Champion and develop Voluntary Services Managers & Coordinators
  4. Influence policy makers
  5. Promote and publicise the work of NAVSM
  6. Be financially sustainable
  7. Protect the future of NAVSM