National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

To enhance the experience of patients, carers, the public and staff in the NHS, through best practice in volunteer management
To provide a strategic lead for promoting and driving forward the future of volunteering in the NHS through:


  • Best evidence based practice in the management of volunteers
  • The ’voice’ of its members
  • Utilisation of knowledge, skills and expertise
  • Positive influencing of stakeholders on the benefits and added value of  volunteering services
  • Pro-active and collaborative working with partnership  organisations 




To deliver the mission and purpose NAVSM will:


  • Be the organisation of choice for anyone responsible for volunteering in the NHS and for those associated with the 

     provision of volunteering services 

  •  Democratically create and maintain effective organisational structures that provide leadership, support,

     accountability, consistency and fairness at all its levels of membership

  • Require its members to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of the mission and purpose in all that

     they  do

  • Optimise opportunities for effective communications and marketing activities
  • Attract, secure and appropriately utilise financial and non financial resources for the purposes of furthering the

     work and purpose of the Association

  • Require its National Executive Committee (NEC) to be accountable to the membership in an open, inclusive and

     transparent way

  •  Develop strategic and operational plans to support this promise and to further the work of the Association.