National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

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The benefits of joining NAVSM are many but, for the majority of our members who work alone or in very small teams, it is the ability to share best practice network with others and gain their support and knowledge.

Whilst NAVSM is a national organisation with a national executive committee, there are city hubs meetings which provide training, updates and the opportunity to share good practice.

There is an information pack for new members, which is especially valuable to those new to post but is also an excellent source of reference. Useful resources can also be found on the NAVSM website.


Another major benefit is the annual training seminar where members hear from high profile national speakers and attend and participate in workshops and study groups. The topics discussed are relevant to professional and personal development and can be used as evidence for continuing professional development (CPD)


As a member you will have:


o  Access to three FREE training workshops per year

o  Regular eNewsletter and eNews Flashes with the latest relevant, useful information from local and national initiatives, guidance and policy

o  Access to the NAVSM website for information, best practice guidance, advice and resources, including templates of useful documents

o  Peer support from your local Hub group

o  Substantial discount to attend the two day National Training Seminar dedicated to NHS VSM's and associated volunteer organisations 

o  The opportunity to influence the future of volunteering and volunteer management in the NHS and Healthcare sectors.