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Voluntary Services Managers

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Chrissy Gregson

I first started my NHS career when I was 18 years of age working at the Royal United Hospital in Bath as a Mental Health Nurse, before moving to Exeter in Devon.  For the last 10+ years I have worked for Solent NHS Trust, in different capacities, from the Assistant Complaints Manager, to the Patient Experience Manager and more recently I have taken on the challenge to develop volunteers becoming the Volunteer & Patient experience Manager.   

I joined NAVSM in 2017, I was later asked to be the Chair person for the South Coast Hub which I feel very privileged to be part of, developing and sharing best practice on a national basis. 

NAVSM offers a great source of training and guidance and the local Hub meetings brings a wealth of knowledge, commitment and support to other Voluntary Managers / Heads.  I am completely in awe of the daily, continuous and fantastic work NAVSM and my colleagues do on a daily basis in supporting volunteers.