National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

Carol O'Reilly

I worked for Croydon University Hospital for 14 years and 12 years as a VSM and retired in 2014.

I have been involved with NAVSM for the past 16 years. First as Seminar Organiser currently as Honorary Secretary and help the sub group for the annual seminar.

Previously, before joining the NHS, I worked in the city for 30 years in Investments and Pensions, which was an amazing journey.

I am married and live in Sanderstead, near Croydon.

I am passionate about volunteering and have volunteered in many roles over the years. In my spare time I volunteer at Chartwell (the home of Winston Churchill), at Croydon University Hospital and help with Croydon Churches Floating Shelters for the homeless in the winter, cooking breakfasts.

I would recommend anyone to join the NEC, as a Committee member you will have the satisfaction of making a difference in the development of volunteering in the NHS and Healthcare system and make new friends.