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Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

Best practice guides

Our best practice guides have been split into these four categories and you can choose to download the whole section or to choose a specific topic.

  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Placement of volunteers
  • Management of volunteers
  • Other best practice guides

Recruitment of Volunteers


Best practice guidance on:

  • Advertising
  • Application
  • Interviewing
  • NHS Employment checks

Placement of Volunteers


Best practice guidance on:

  • Developing role & role descriptions
  • Ensuing roles are suitable
  • Risk assessments & insurance
  • Finding the right volunteer for the role
  • Volunteer agreements
  • Volunteer new starter meeting
  • Induction

Management of volunteers


Best practice guidance on:

  • Who manages volunteers?
  • Reviewing volunteers
  • Maintaining contact with volunteers
  • Rewarding volunteers
  • Problem solving - complaints from or about a volunteer

Other best practise guides


Click here for a range of guidance on topics ranging from policy writing and mentoring to useful templates.