National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

Barry Pridmore

Initially working in the construction industry, I moved into Volunteer Management in 2008, with my first position being with the Charity Victim Support, during this time I studied for a qualification in counselling and eventually developed volunteering in various roles within charities before moving into the NHS just over 3 years ago. I am passionate about volunteering within the health and social care environment and recognise the significant benefits it has on people who access services as well as the volunteers themselves. I joined NAVSM to be part of a recognised organisation that supports the development of volunteer management professionals, to gain further knowledge and insight into NHS volunteering and share experiences through networking at events. NAVSM is a great support network for new and experienced staff involved in the service delivery of volunteering and their work is invaluable in ensuring that there is a voice for NHS volunteering, I strongly believe that with effective volunteer management organisations encourage quality volunteer engagement, enhanced  patient experience and clinical outcomes. I look forward to contributing to NAVSM as an organisation and see this as an opportunity to support, develop and learn from its members.