National Association of 
Voluntary Services Managers

Lead, promote and develop best practice in 
Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

About us

Background & History
The role of the Voluntary Services Organiser was not generally recognised as a salaried and professional position until the late 1960’s early 1970’s.

NAVSM was started in 1968, as the National Association of Voluntary Help Organisers (NAVHO). It was created with the intention of providing support information and training to Voluntary Help Organisers  (VHO’s) who were struggling to define their role within the NHS. This development was strongly supported by the Kings Fund which organised training days and appointed a development officer for VHO’s. As the involvement of the Kings Fund wound down, the emphasis shifted to the association itself to meet the developmental and training responsibilities of its members.  In 1994, reflecting the development of its members’ role into a more structured management position, NAVHO changed its name to the National Association of Voluntary Services Managers or NAVSM.


Today we have over 160 members working in the NHS and healthcare in all regions around England .