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Recruitment of Volunteers




Many Trusts receive more requests to volunteer than they have places and therefore do not consider advertising. However, advertising can be used to target specific groups of people who might not otherwise apply to volunteer which would help enable you to create a volunteer service that reflects the diversity of your local community.


Word of mouth can be a powerful tool for volunteer recruitment; however, it can reinforce demographic differences.  Volunteers may recruit others who are similar to themselves.  Active steps should be taken to reach out to the entire community.


Examples of where you might advertise for volunteers:


·        Local Volunteer centres

·        Do-it Website (via your local volunteer centre)

·        Trust Website

·        Posters and leaflets (both in your Trust or out in community centres)

·        Local media (including media which target specific communities or age groups)

·        Local community events

·        Volunteering open days

·        Student community volunteers (via local student union)

·        Local businesses

·        Local schools (by giving talks)


Advertising material should reflect a concern for diversity.  Images and use of language should be inclusive.  Material should be suitable for those who are colour blind or visually impaired.


For more information on equality & diversity and on equal opportunities please visit the following Volunteering England webpage:


The more specific you can be in the advert (about the sorts of roles that are available, what it involves and what a volunteer might gain from the experience) then the more likely you are to attract volunteers who will be suitable for those roles – this will aid retention of volunteers.